Our hats are a perfect solution to use for corporate outings, athletic events, community events, brand building, and so much more.

Embroidered with your logo or message, you can choose from over one hundred styles and colors that we offer ranging from traditional ball caps, trucker hats, camo hats, safety hats, beanies, bucket hats, and visors.

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Custom Embroidered Hats

Customized baseball caps, trucker hats, and beanies. Finest quality, FREE shipping and unbeatable customer service.

  • Hat pricing INCLUDES front embroidered logo
  • FREE logo setup on front location for 144+ caps.
  • Offering five price break discounts – mix and match colors and styles to get total piece discounts.
  • Free shipping (regular ground) anywhere in the U.S. including military bases across the world.

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Quality Caps

We carry only the finest quality hats made from top-shelf fabric. From chino washed to mesh trucker hats, know you are getting the highest grade materials available. This is the hat your employees and vendors will fight for a chance to wear.


Top Quality Embroidery

Our top notch embroidery machines and equipment, the latest logo digitizing software, and the most durable and distinct embroidery threads to ensure that your logo will look crisp, clean, and straight on your hats.

free delivery

Free Shipping & Delivery

Free shipping anywhere in the U.S. including military bases across the world. For expedited shipping you pay the difference and we will contact you with the amount. The tracking number will be e-mailed to you the day your order ships.

The earliest record of people wearing hats is the bronze age man found frozen in a mountain between Italy and Austria. According to the experts, the frozen body was there as early as 3,000 BC. The hat was a bearskin cap with a customized chin strap used to fasten the headgear.

Hats served their purpose back in the “old days”.

Today, people wear hats for aesthetic reasons, to show their affiliation with your brand and for comfort and shelter from the sun. It is the perfect marriage of form and function  and offers your business the ultimate advantage in visibility. (It also plays into the reciprocity factor which all salesmen love leveraging!) 

Unique Design

Customized embroidered hats focus on the idea that everybody can create recognizable branding. Instead of following a trend, be the trend-setter. Create a brand for yourself by designing one. We’re happy to help your brand find it’s unique voice.

Hats are great accessories for both men and women, giving you the ability to reach both demographics with the same marketing angle.


Another benefit of customized embroidered hats is the freedom to mix and match your message with the hat that best reflects your brand. From Trucker’s caps to Golf Visors, we have it all. Position your brand in front of your audience by choosing the cap style they will wear the most!


Hats are stylish and practical accessories for many people. Most of the actors in America wear beautiful caps when they go out.

From the Golf Course to the Deer Stand, your hat will be worn year after year. Get longevity out of your marketing dollars with a custom embroidered hat.


One of the best things about customized caps is the fun of wearing of  handing it to your most loyal customers. Instantly, each one of them becomes a grateful, raving fan.  Give them a one of a kind style that they will be excited to wear, and hand them a smile as you hand them a hat.

Protection from the Sun

Take a stand against skin cancer. Most customers only have a few hats to choose from. They wear them for comfort and as part of their identity.

The sun is ubiquitous, and your logo should be, too. That is why we insist on the highest-quality hats. We want your customers to fall in love and to choose your logo everytime they need to fight the sun.

Cover Your Head is the best company for quality results. In a world of mass-produced madness, we keep that small-company feel. Located in Charlotte, NC, we’re ready to get your logo ready on any hat design you choose.

Brand identity helps distinguish you from your competition. For customers, your brand identity influences their experience, perspective, and opinion about your products, services, and company in general. Overall, it determines your brand as a whole.

You don’t have to be an expert to sell your brand. However, you need to work hard to differentiate your brand. Ever wondered why most of the successful companies today have reached such lofty status? Well, one of the main reasons for their relevance in their respective industries is their elevated brand identity.

Building a brand identity should be a focal point of any business organization. But first, it’s important to understand the meaning of a brand identity. If you ask any of the successful entrepreneurs, a brand identity is more than your company’s name and logo. In fact, it is a combination of different elements that present your business in a way your customers will easily remember. These are a mixture of visual and practical elements.

Despite the challenges, your effort in creating a brand identity is vital to the success of your brand. So, how do you build a brand identity? Here are some pointers on how you can be relevant in your business industry for the long haul.

A good brand identity starts with solid research and discovery process. Most of the successful businesses approach each phase from a systematic and philosophical point of view. The purpose of the research and discovery phase is to know your target audience. From there, you will know your primary audience and understand how you can influence their customer experience. Aside from the audience, the research and discovery process involves the analysis of the competition.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information for your brand identity, the next process is to form an idea for your business. The collected data must be used intelligently to create a powerful brand identity. In a brainstorming setting, each of the researched data undergoes a selection process to narrow down the best option for your brand. Since you’ve invested hundreds of dollars in research, it would be best if you make good use of the data in your idea formation.

The last process of building your brand identity is the production phase. Here, you have to make your ideas materialize to achieve your goals of creating a strong brand. The production process is where all your ideas are turned into realities. By now, you have built a brand identity that attracts new clients and keeps the regular customers coming back for more. (This is where we normally come in with creating embroidered hats that can be used to help spread your brand image.

Use your brand identity correctly to enjoy its power. It is also important to keep it strong throughout the coming years. Regardless of your current business status, it is vital for your future success to stick with consistent and good brand identity.