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Adjustable caps can be altered to fit any head they also have many different types of closure systems including plastic snaps, leather or fabric straps with a slide buckle and grommet, and Velcro.

Fitted caps have no closure system come in a specific size S, M, L, XL or S/M, L/XL. Fitted caps usually include a spandex Sweatband that allows stretching.

Both types of ball caps can be structured or unstructured.

Structured caps have a liner inside of the front of the cap that provides the structure and form (called buckram). Depending on the height of the structured liner will dictate if your hat is a low profile, mid profile, or high profile.  See profile definition below.

Unstructured caps have no buckram, giving them the more casual, lower profile.


hat parts diagram

The closure system is mentioned above and located in the back of the cap.

Bill or Brim protects your face from the sun and keeps direct sunlight out of your eyes. Some caps offer a sandwich bill which is usually a contrasting color as the bill itself. The front edge of the bill maybe white and the top and bottom portion of the bill may be navy blue. The bill can be pre-curved or flat.

Eyelets are the little holes scattered throughout the cap that allows your head to breathe. They can either be metal or reinforced stitching.

Panels are the different sections sewn together, usually six to eight, that make up the top of the cap. There are five panel caps too.

Button located at the top of the hat and is where all of the cap’s panels meet.

Crown is the front of the hat that touches your forehead either structured or unstructured and is related to the profile of the hat. The profile is the slanted dimension of the crown low, mid and high profile will tell you how high the hat will sit on your head. A trucker cap would be considered a high profile hat because there is some open area between your forehead and the fabric of the cap.


Chino twill usually washed cotton (soft and light fade), Cotton twill usually unwashed cotton (smooth, shiny and stiffer than washed), polyester or cotton/poly blends usually for wicking sweat, nylon for lightweight, wool for heavyweight use, light brushed cotton (light and very soft), heavy brushed cotton (heavy and very soft), mesh offers tiny hole pattern to increase head breathability. Some meshes are light than others.


Pigment dyed (faded look), Distressed (torn look), Trucker (structured front with mesh back), Poly foam, Two tone, Camo, Denim, Hi-visibility


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