Chris Kicidis, the owner of CoverYourHead, has been a hat collector since he was a kid. He collected caps from his favorite sports teams, particularly pro baseball teams because he was attracted to the different logos and colors identifying the teams. (His favorite then, and to this day, is the Atlanta Braves.) Chris’s dad brought home colorful hats for him with company logos from the trade shows he went to. It was the beginning of his love for hats. From those early days, Chris understood that hats are a canvas to showcase a brand.

When he opened Promote Your Biz, a promotional product and branding consulting company, in 2008, he found that hats were popular with his clients as well. 70% of his clients were ordering hats. Clients were telling him that hats are the perfect way to display their brand — people immediately notice a hat on someone’s head. Custom embroidered hats are often an ideal vehicle to display a brand. Clients also told Chris that hats are a great way to convey company team spirit.

With all the attention being given to hats, Chris decided to focus his own attention on them and opened He designed the website to serve not only as a shopping site, but also as a place where people could learn more about hats, find out how hats can benefit their businesses, and gather tips on branding and marketing.

Chris remains an active part of He regularly offers customers advice on color combinations, artwork choices, and branding decisions. He has fun with his company, and he wants his customers to have fun too. He’s committed to offering high-quality products and ensuring that everyone who makes a purchase from is thrilled with his or her order. Chris believes that the best way to build a company is to treat every customer with care, letting each person know that he or she is valued.