Cover Your Head has the perfect 6-panel hat for your custom embroidery project.

Looking for a more rounded cap and a cleaner, sharper finish to the front of your hat? The 6-panel deluxe baseball cap would be just right for you. Rather than the normal 5-panel caps, the 6-panel has an extra panel in front giving it a different shape that still works with whatever logo embroidery of your choice. It’s a vintage style dating from the 50s that give that authentic look to your sports cap.

Our custom embroidered 6-Panel Deluxe Hats come in a range of color and fabric and are perfect for showcasing and identifying your brand. This is a great choice for advertising as a hat is usually the first thing people will notice when they look at you. Choose from a wide range of options all at prices that offer value for money. Available products range from constructed to unconstructed, unique and eye-catching two-tone colors, brushed sandwich caps, interesting bill details, chino cotton, denim, polo style and so on.
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Feel free to choose from one of the various styles below: