Custom screen printed logo t-shirts and caps are a perfect fit for staff uniform, sports teams, fraternity events and more. In many instances, company uniforms give the first impression. Before the introductory handshake or initial greeting, your corporate apparel would have told more stories about your business than you think. So when choosing the apparel you want to customize with company logo or design, you need to figure out a fun but professional image about your company. Proper custom embroidered apparel for employees makes the company more professional and original. And with personalized company apparel, there is a greater opportunity to reach out to the wider market, for a more affordable marketing strategy.

Which Kind Of Apparel Is Ideal For Custom Embroidery?

Since your aim is to capture the market attention in a number of ways, there’s need for you to consider different apparel. From polo t-shirts to shorts and pants, to sweatshirts and sweaters to button downs and jackets all through to hats and caps, there are plenty of ways to get your name out there. All you need to do is find an experienced designer online, share your vision for ideal custom uniforms for the business and you’ll be good to go. If you can customize polo shirts, sweater, and caps with your logo, then you might be as good as done with marketing.

How Do You Use Custom Embroidered Apparel To Promote Your Company?

Whether you are customizing polo shirts for men, ladies’ polo or jackets and wind shirts for both gender, there’s need to figure out how to supply them to the market. Essentially, what you envision for your business is what you should create in the apparel you’ve chosen. You can present your branded apparel to potential customers as gifts, use them as work uniforms or give supply them to a team participating in a charity fundraiser. Other avenues where you can supply your custom embroidered apparel include:

  • Company carnivals
  • Conferences hosted by you
  • Sports team
  • Sales promotions

What Are The Major Considerations Before Putting Custom Embroidery On Apparel?

Screen printed and embroidered apparel with a company logo is something that’s supposed to spark interest immediately it meets one’s eye. And so the choice of color, size and location of logo or graphics are very important. In addition to that, you need to reasonably design your logo or text so that it’s brief and more professional. Don’t overdo the logo or vision text as that might be unattractive or appear more casual. And before you order for a set of apparel to be custom embroidered, make sure the apparels:

  • Are customized for both gender
  • Are of different sizes i.e. for toddlers, teens all through to grown adults
  • Come in different colors to accommodate different tastes and preferences

Are Embroidered Company Apparels Expensive?

The overall cost you’re going to spend on your branding strategy will largely depend on upon the apparel you choose to work with and the market base you want to reach. If you’re aiming at ordering for custom embroidered t-shirts, polo shirts, and caps for your employees, then you’re probably going to take note of the number of workforce and order for two other alternative fits. But if your target is to distribute the apparel to loyal customers or in a conference or carnivore organized by you, then it can be ideal to come up with similar fits for the participants. You can just do your math and see which strategy works better for you depending on the kind of business you are into. Ideally, it’s not the budget that matters but rather it is the lasting impression that the embroidered apparel will leave out there.


Use of custom embroidered apparel is slowly becoming the most effective branding strategy for small, medium and big businesses. Unlike other marketing strategies that come and go or target a specific group, embroidered apparel are in the market on a day-today basis and can help promote the brand without costing you an extra coin. In essence, when you create custom embroidered apparel for employees and customer, it does not only profit you by touching on potential customers but it makes your current customers more loyal. Just try out embroidery for t-shirts, caps and hats, polo shirts, outerwear, button-downs and even bags today for more amazing results. All you need to do after that is relax and you’ll experience increased traffic online and more customer visits locally on your brick-and-mortar.