Bucket Hats Are Great Sun Protection Especially For The Beach!

//Bucket Hats Are Great Sun Protection Especially For The Beach!

Bucket Hats Are Great Sun Protection Especially For The Beach!

bucket hatThe sun is out, and summer is finally here! Trade your cold weather apparel and take out the beautiful sun dress, those sexy tops, and your trendiest hats! No other hat styles shout out fun and excitement louder other than the collection of bucket hats! Bucket hats are great this time of the year because it provides a nearly 360 degrees protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Due to this, you do not have to apply inches of sunscreen on your neck and face! All you have to do is just grab your favorite bucket hat, and you are ready for that fun afternoon out!

Besides proving complete all round protection, bucket hats are also designed to be convenient to carry around. You never have to worry about where and how to store your hat. You can roll them up, flatten them down or even fold them into a smaller shape! It does not matter how you store them, what matters is that when you need them again, they pop right back into shape and is ready for use! For materials, look for hats made from 100% cotton of microfiber polyester. These materials are lightweight, soft and provide excellent comfort even in the warmest of days. If you are looking for a hat to provide you with all weather use, go for waterproof materials. They help to take away the moisture and ensure you stay comfortable and dry all day!

Do you feel like you need a wider brim on your hat to give you that maximum protection from the sun? You should be wearing a bucket sun hat! With additional in inches for the brim, they give more coverage from the sun compared to a regular, classic bucket hat. On the other hand, this design retains most of the characteristic of the bucket hat: easy to handle and extremely comfortable to wear. Suitable in all weather conditions, the bucket sun hat is a must-have for your travels around the world. This type of hat is totally dependable in any weather. Did we mention that they are as stylish as it is practical? Forget the grandma bucket hat look. The updated and modern designs of these hats will ensure that you look trendy and stylish!

Have you ever asked yourself what to wear with these amazing bucket hats? Well, keep the seasonal look with one of these gorgeous casual sundresses. Because it is casual, it is great for any form of relaxing activities in the summer. A walk by the beach, a great picnic in the park or even for a shopping blitz in town, the combination of this dress and a bucket hat is guaranteed to make you look simply stunning!

For the case of shoes, a bucket hat is perfect with a pair of strappy flats sandal. Keep the casual, summer look going in these shoes but add just the right touch of sexiness into your style. If you have a pair of beautiful feet, now is the time to show them off in these shoes! Cushioned insoles ensure that you stay comfortable no matter how long you are on your feet.

If you prefer the ultimate in coverage from the scorching sun, a great alternative would be the beach sun hat. With the brim width of nearly four inches or more, the cover an area up to your shoulders! What is great with this hat is that you can match them with just about anything in summer: sundress, swimwear or even a gorgeous blouse. Cover Your Head can help you look sexy and amazing with this hat and you are guaranteed to be the center of attraction at any summer party!

Bucket hats are stylish and practical, making them one of the preferred choices for hats on a sunny day. Providing excellent coverage from the sun’s rays, they are also amazingly versatile. What other type of hat gives you style, versatility, and convenience? Contact us today if you need help getting some hats done for your fun in the sun day!

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